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First of all, this place is a dream … the sandwiches are delicious! I want to make sure I also say that the service here is top notch and is always very clean.

Jennifer H.

Zenwich is consistently good…time after time. In the words of Cyndi Lauper, “If you’re lost you can look and you will find me -Time after time.” That’s sums it up for Zenwich. Good sandwiches and seasoned chips time after time.

Judy P.

Eat here. Eat here a lot.
Honestly, there is nothing like Zenwich anywhere nearby that I know of. These are not your basic sandwiches by any stretch – they are always new and exciting and delicious and flavor combos that I don’t think anybody has the skill or nerve to pull off. I appreciate this.

Jessica G.

Whether you like vegetarian or vegan or beef/pork/chicken there is something for you at this small strip vented restaurant! With ciabbata bread – homemade chips and delicious sauces…there is something you will end up craving and be back for more!