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In observance of Labor day we will be closed on Monday September 1st.
On Saturday August 30 the operating hours will be 11:30am to 6pm

Soup of the Day for October
Monday – Spicy Miso
Tuesday – Egg Drop
Wednesday – Pork Sesame Miso
Thursday – Udon Noodle
Friday – Chef’s Choice
Saturday - Chef’s Choice
Weekend Special
Chicken Basil Sandwich
Grilled chicken, grilled onion, mushroom and jalapeno, fresh basil with creamy Thai chili sauce.

Monday&Tuesday Special
1/2# Wagyu beef, fried egg, fried onion, carrot, arugula and wasabi aioli with melted swiss on a pretzel bun.

Note: This page might not be currently up to date. 
Please call the store for the specials. 630-359-5234

Our menu has been thoughtfully prepared by our team who care about their customers as much as they care about what they’re serving them. From picky eaters, to ultimate foodies, there is something for everyone coming from our kitchen.

Eating healthy? Going vegan? Have a gluten intolerance? Speak up! You dietary wishes are our commands and we are happy to whip up a hearty meal that meets your needs.